Of course mostly to find in the kitchen of his original red „double-decker-bus“, type „Routemaster RML 2502“ which has already run nearly for forty years through the streets of London, in her Majesty´s Name. Today it runs through the city of Lorient, a small seaport in South-Brittany, France
… as a „Cuisine Nomade“.
Tom-XXIX-webTom-II-webCuisine Nomade?
This is a mobile fastfood-restaurant.
Not really a new idea, because such types of snackbars are as old as the invention of the wheel.
Wheeled kitchens, in modern times also called „food trucks“, you can find along the beach promendes worldwide or on marked places everywhere.
But such an old public service vehicle, which passengers transported from „Piccadilly Circus“ to „Acton“, passing the Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, once … this is quite another matter.
Today the guests take their lunches on the upper deck, while Tom´s crew is preparing the meals in the kitchen, located in the lower deck.
It seems to be a bit cramped, but it doesn´t matter. Tom and his Crew – Thibaud, Maurice and Morgan –  operate in a swiftly way:
chopping vegetables, cooking, barbecuing and serving guests at the window.

Small choice, but all its best!
During lunchtime, between 12 and 2 o´clock p.m. the guests can choose from two tasty dishes and Tom comes up with another idea for lunch weekly.
This week he offers Irish Sandwiches with smoked salmon, herbalcream and salad or skewer with Couscous and crunchy vegetables. If you want, you can also order fresh preparated Pommes Frîtes.
He exclusively uses ingredients from local sources.
Do you finally like a coffee with a selfmade cheesecake ?  – Here you are!
Fastfood on its finest.

From eventmanger to „Maître de Cuisine“
Tom, who rocks service and kitchen with his three-headed team, was in a managing function in former times. During the big sports-events in Grenoble, South-France, he worked as a projectleader for catering and feeding the sports-teams.
Was it that, what gaves the idea to him?
„Not only, I also wanted to make a vocational change, to make something special, something practical, something more moving …“ he tells me, turning the skewers.
The last two years have showed, that his decision was worth, to give up the good-paid and safe Job in Grenoble. The workingdays are hard, and he has to create his idea always anew. But this is a special mindset – and, that  „Truck Food“ can be also a philosophy of life, he learned during his one year lasting stay in Australia, where he had worked and studied.
But … where is Tom, now?
The old Londoner bus, type „AEC Routemaster“ with the number 56 Shuttles today between Lorient-City, port and beach Promenade in Larmor Plage – all in the locality of 5 kilometres.
Who wants to know, where to find Tom currently, can follow him on his site.

Where is Tom?

Where is Tom? … in London …? In Lorient …?


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